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  • King of fighters wing - new version 2 King of fighters wing - new version 2 26902 plays Best and latest version of the classic King of Fighters series game including Ryu.

    - Released all 7 characters,with 5 hidden type characters
    - Added new effects
    - Added new stages
    - Improved "Simple Key Mode", launching skills with one key is possible

    This game is an extremely large file (14.59 Megabytes), and will take a long while to load.
    Please be patient.
  • HT83 pijama dressup HT83 pijama dressup 26723 plays Dress up the pixie in enchanted fairy clothing and make sure to choose a pair of wings and shoes ... with colorful feathers to choose from and various tails, make a bird of paradise. .... It seems more like a dreamland than a wonderland. .... Its bedtime time for pyjama dressup.
  • Brothers In Arms Brothers In Arms 26709 plays The Army games you need the agility and dynamic to be able to shoot the bloody war before his enemies shot!
  • HT83 Justin Timberlake dress up HT83 Justin Timberlake dress up 26636 plays The boy is trying a new style of dress, you can help him.
  • Coal Express 3 Coal Express 3 26346 plays Coal Express is back in the form of version 3, this time with more features like shop to upgrade the trains with speed , acceleration, and balance to help you complete the levels as you go through them. also there are different island s to unblock and some wicked trains too unblock, so jump on board this coal express and enjoy the adventure.
  • Batters Up Base Ball Math - Addition Edition Batters Up Base Ball Math - Addition Edition 26034 plays Batter's Up Baseball is a math game that is played like real Baseball. When the math game starts you will see the visitors score on the screen. Your goal is to beat the visitors score and win the baseball game.
  • Side Kick 2007 Side Kick 2007 25906 plays This is the side kick you if you are a guy kicker!?. Batman, Dr. Evil, Jay Leno, everybody has a side kick! Play soccer (football) against the computer or a friend.
  • HT83 fashion celebrities dress up HT83 fashion celebrities dress up 25891 plays Play celebrity dress up game and step in your most admired celebrity fashion icons
  • Crazy Skate Board Girl Dress Up Crazy Skate Board Girl Dress Up 25839 plays Dress up -join sports games so comfortable and happy the girls choose the most suitable outfit combinations sharing seductive fashion and dynamic okay.
  • HT83 Star fashion2 dress up HT83 Star fashion2 dress up 25687 plays The brightly colored, the wonderful clothes, we have integrated collection from seven colors, to make beautiful piece of fashion. This is a new experience for those star fashion.
  • Postal Panic Postal Panic 25682 plays Snow, rain, heat, evil Prefects... the mail must go through.
  • 2d Army Swat 2d Army Swat 25475 plays Join 2d Army Swat game to kill terrorists. with beautiful graphic images and make sure you will have fun relaxing moments.
  • Air Raid Basketball Air Raid Basketball 25303 plays This is not a professional basketball team, but each of us have the passion, you can participate in this game to pass the test when challenged with other players or with computer.
  • Breakfast Cooking Game Breakfast Cooking Game 25158 plays Wake up in a shining morning and start the day in the best way. Prepare yourself a healthy breakfast and a fresh drink. This recipe is very quick to make if you pay attention and you don`t need any chef skills for it. Have fun cooking the breakfast!
  • Aliens: The Board Game Aliens: The Board Game 25097 plays This dark round based Alien fighting game is a very tactical one! Move your team and to command them to fire at those evil alien hordes.
  • New Super Chick Sisters New Super Chick Sisters 24933 plays Play this Mario-like sidescroller game with little chicklettes. Jump on monsters and more.
  • Apache Apache 24908 plays In the war against the Taliban in Afghanistan. You want to be away from the Apache You will enter into several pilot Ed Macy is a genius. players to join the exciting experience with army games.
  • Board Board 24772 plays Perform different tricks to score some points but be careful coz you'll lose points for bailing tricks. Also watch out for the skiers, they'll wipe you out! Good luck!
  • HT83 love dating dress up HT83 love dating dress up 24695 plays The day for a romantic date with your love! Happy Summer Dating Dress the happy couple having fun in city.
  • Bloons Tower Defense 3 Bloons Tower Defense 3 24641 plays Stop the bloons escaping by building towers next to the maze.
  • Girl Rock Band Dress Up Girl Rock Band Dress Up 24574 plays This trio of talented rockers is going on tour, but the girls need help picking out which clothes to pack.
  • HT83 fashion photography dress up HT83 fashion photography dress up 24566 plays the brightly colored, the wonderful clothes, we have integrated collection from seven colors, to make beautiful piece of fashion. This is a new experience for those who love fashion
  • Bingo with Dora Bingo with Dora 24534 plays Play Bingo with cute little Dora by matching the pictures she shows to you with the ones you have on your card. Pay attention at the picture in Dora's hand, then look on your card to find the same picture there. If you don't have it on your card, click on the box to make Dora take another picture. You win the game when you match three pictures in a round. Have fun!
  • Skateboard Girl Skateboard Girl 24453 plays This is a skateboarding game, you are controlling a girl on a skateboard by your mouse, try to avoid all the obstacles and get to the final line before time runs out.
  • Foxy Sniper - Pirate Shootout Foxy Sniper - Pirate Shootout 24289 plays Blast some pirate heads open as they attempt to hold our oil captain hostage. Time to snipe!
  • Battlefield General Battlefield General 24267 plays Make sure everyone knows the famous Great Wall of the Qin Dynasty in China. In this the game you will get that mission is to accumulate gold in the war and help King build the Great Wall. Join now to learn more about this project and have fun relaxing moments okay
  • Super Smash Brothers Flash Super Smash Brothers Flash 24147 plays (This game is an extremely large file, and will take a long while to load (8.45 Megabytes) Approx 17 minutes on a dial-up modem)
    The game will start with a blank white screen please be patient while the game loads.

    Have you ever played Super Smash Brothers on your N64 or Gamecube? Now u can play it with flash!

  • Back To School Fashion Back To School Fashion 23937 plays Back To School Fashion: It's school time again! As all you know, the first day of school is all about making first impressions for the school year. So it's always best to wear styles that reflect your own personal taste as well as looks that are current and updated with the latest trends. If you're itching to try a new style in this day, let's come on and you will find everything you need for the school year with this awesome dress up game.

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